What is a CNA? Who are called Certified Nursing Assistant?

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We look for kind heart and words with a caring sense when we fall sick. We totally depend on the expertise of others ranging family members to doctors/physicians and nurses but often we look for a trained personnel. So, who and what is a CNA? Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are those who provide proper care to us with correct sense of treatment.

CNAs are present in every hospital, nursing home or doctor’s office. Their job description starts with greeting patients and ends with their discharge from the infirmary. They are especially trained for evaluating patient’s ‘vital indicators’ using various assessment tools. Measurements of the body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure are taken as ‘vital indicators’ as their inconsistency from certain range indicates that something is wrong with our health. CNAs are trained to measure blood sugar and oxygen levels, body temperature, cardio rate and even perform CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation). They are also trained to collect important lab specimens and prepare patients for surgeries and diagnostic tests reporting to the nurse in charge or respective doctors.

What is a CNA? Who are called Certified Nursing Assistant?
What is a CNA? Who are called Certified Nursing Assistant?



CNAs also assist patients to relocate, monitor their everyday activities, help them in light exercises according to the need, and help the elderly and severe patients in bathing, hygiene and cleanliness keeping track record of their meal and medication routines. Sometimes they are also asked to put extra effort to take care of special patients by executing healthy and cheerful conversation to patients for their soon recovery.


After passing the certification exams according to the rules and regulation of the state (the certification guidelines and procedures may differ from state to state), CNAs become an important team member of a health care system contributing to both preventive and curative health care. They often play important role in detection of sickness and diseases and considered as the ‘eyes and ears’ and often known as ‘first responders’ in the healthcare field.


Seeking a competent caretaker, everyone seeks the caretaker to be courteous, friendly and well-mannered. CNAs help you to have conversation whenever you are bored, answer to your anxiety being at bed, help you to walk lightly and even wipe your tears for being affected. They help you to perform your everyday activities like going to bathroom, taking bath, supporting your other hygiene activities and even feed you in case you are unable to do so. CNA is ‘one in all’ trained personnel with all the features required to be an ideal caretaker.

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