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Today’s healthcare industries are inclined to hire potential and competitive CNAs, in order to become which one has to undertake intensive face-to-face nursing assistant classes, offered by the state approved nursing schools. But, when you are hard pressed for time, then attending the regular classroom based CNA schools might not be a possibility. So, in this situation, online schools for nursing assistants would seem a better alternative to the so called busy people with jobs or other family responsibilities, except to those residents of the states like California, where online CNA education is considered repugnant to the nursing board.

Bitter Truth of the Online CNA Training Programs:–

The general response to the online nursing assistant schools is, to be honest, somewhat negative, owing to the fact that most online CNA classes, if not just a fraudulent business, would basically provide the theoretical nursing training only, through its web contents and video tutorials.

And, the clinical training, which is actually the most important aspect for upholding the practical job post of a CNA, is more than often not present in the curriculum of the online CNA programs (with the exception of a few reputed online nursing schools mentioned below), meaning that you may have to manage the clinical portion of CNA training on your own.

What Type of Online CNA Program Should You Enroll At?

Online CNA Programs That Have Received State Approval:–

When pursuing the CNA education, it is best to enroll always at state-approved CNA training programs since only then would you be confident of attain complete hours of didactic lecture classes and clinical hands-on training as demanded by your state CNA licensure provision.

Hence, while searching for online CNA programs, do try to look for accredited online schools for nursing assistants or, as an alternative, make sure that the online nursing school of your preference has the wonderful facility of offering the clinical internship at a patient care setting, at the end of your theoretical education. This way you would be qualified both theoretically and clinically to challenge your state’s CNA licensing exam, and thus prove yourself worthy of the title of a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Reputed Online CNA Programs That Have Favor of the Healthcare industries:–

Online CNA program, which has been favored with the state accreditation, is quite unheard of. So, in this situation, you would better apply for enrollment at the reputed online CNA programs, which are looked upon favorably by the healthcare industries. In other words, you may enroll at an online CNA program, if it has the reputation of having its graduates hired by the healthcare industries.

By the way, prior to your enrollment in any of the reputed online CNA programs, it would be wise of you to consult with your local healthcare industries to find out whether the training gain from that program would suffice the CNA education requirements of your state or not.

Online CNA programs That Provide Job Placement:–

Alternatively, you may join an online school provided that it guarantees you job placement, upon the completion of that program.

Reputed Online Schools From Where One Could Get Quality Nursing Assistant Education:–

Any CNA online school, which offers both the theoretical teachings as well as clinical training, will fall under the category of the best online CNA programs. However, in the real world, such types of online schools for CNA are rare but still available in limited numbers like, for example, the Harper College, St. Augustine Medical Assistant School and Tulsa Community College.

Stratford Career Institute

With its affiliation to the United States Distance Learning Association as well as the International Council for Open & Distance Education, the Stratford University, which has a number of satellite campuses scattered across the United States, has managed to accumulate the reputation of being the number one online learning platform for the working students of versatile academic goals.

Appeals of the Online CNA Classes Run By Stratford Career Institute:–

Stratford University offers the interested CNA wannabes a diploma level Heath Care Aide program, which can be completed in as little as 6 months or as long as 1 to 2 years, depending upon your commitment to this program.

Upon the completion of this Health Care Aide program, the Stratford would then honor the devoted online students a personalized diploma, marking their successful graduation from Stratford Career Institute.

Interested students should better learn that this healthcare aide diploma program comprises of 4 different modules, pertaining to medical terminology, nursing care skills & techniques, basics of becoming a Healthcare Aide and other such healthcare aide related education.

This reputed healthcare aide program comes with the price tag of just about $850, upon the payment of which free but up-to-date textbooks and study materials would be shipped at no cost to you within a couple of days.

Besides the affordable program cost, Stratford also facilities their students with easy access to their online instructors through the application of the emails or through a toll-free phone call.

Contact Details:–

  • Location:–8675 Darnley Rd., Town of Mount Royal, QC H4T 1X2
  • Phone No.:–800-254-4070
  • Online Address:–

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

Graced with the accreditation from the Georgia nursing board, the St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants, located in Atlanta, has been launching versatile online medical educations, including the nursing assistant program.

Appeals of the Online CNA Classes Run By St. Augustine School:–

St. Augustine School is widely known in the state of Georgia for its high quality online CNA program, having a mere 6 to 8 weeks long schooling period. Upon graduation, St. Augustine will honor you with their Nursing Assistant Certificate.

You would be glad to learn that the St. Augustine School is, at present, the only nursing assistant school, which has the facility of providing clinical training through it virtual (i.e. online) laboratory.

Led by expert instructors, the online CNA program of St. Augustine School makes its online students explore the essential nursing courses like anatomy & physiology, long term patient care and infection control through the help of its video-based lecture classes.

And, of course, this online CNA program would also help you access video tutorials regarding the practical nursing training such as bed making, patient positioning & transportation as well as measuring the vital stats.

During the course of your online training in this nursing school, you may also get access to the Virtual Phlebotomy Lab and the Virtual Injection Lab.

If you enroll yourself in St. Augustine’s online CNA program during its “Online Enrollment Drive” period, you would then get to enjoy the advantage of having to pay just a mere sum of $645, rather than the usual cost of about $1,215.

Contact Details:–

  • Location:–2870 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA-30305
  • Online Address:–
  • Phone No.:–888-482-8941


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