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In order to work as a certified nursing assistant one must write a winning resume. Although there is a high demand for nursing assistant nationwide, not every candidate will fill the bill. Only those dependable applicants who have thorough knowledge about the subject and have good communication skills to assist RNs and LPNs are chosen. A well written resume will help the nursing assistant list all her work experience, demonstrate communication skills and career goals and much more.

There is no particular format to write a CNA resume and it does not need to be different than those prepared for any other jobs. However there are certain things that you can do to stand out as an applicant. Below are some tips and instructions on writing a polished and professional resume.

What you should include and exclude in your resume

The first thing to keep in mind while writing a resume is that it must not be too long. But then again it should include all the necessary information. A resume with at most two pages is acceptable. You must include your work experience and other details that is healthcare related. You should use more specific terms that would highlight your areas of specialty. You should never use wrong terminology or should include any political or personal beliefs.

If you have received any special certificates or employment awards then you must attached them or incorporate the information in the resume. It is even better if you specify your own health screenings like up to date tuberculosis shots or hepatitis B shots. If you have any special skills that may help you in the profession like knowing more than one language then you must include it in the resume. It is not obligatory to have previous working experience in order to enter in this profession. If you have just completed your training program and are applying for a job then you need to focus on the nursing classes you completed. You should highlight each training program and courses so that it can be included as a part of your skill set. Overall, you need to prepare the resume in such a way that the employer can get all the information about you related to the job. The resume should show that you are the right person for the job.

How to write a CNA resume

CNA resume does not need to be different than those prepared for any other job. There is no particular format or structure to write a CNA resume but every CNA resume must include all of the following:

Contact Information

Normally at the header of the resume, you must include your full name, address, telephone number and email address. This is compulsory so that the person reading your resume will be able to contact you if they would like to have an interview with you.


An objective is just a summary of what your aim is regarding the job or the profession. When writing a resume, you should honestly state your specific knowledge and skills that you think will make your resume relevant for it to stand out as something that is worthy of consideration. Here are some examples of objectives that can be used in a CNA resume. But remember you must be original and should not just copy paste all the words.

“I am an experienced certified nursing assistant with 3 years of working experience, seeking a position of a certified nursing assistant in a reputed organization where I can apply my best clinical skills in caring for elderly patients requiring quality health care”

“Qualified CNA looking for an opportunity to utilize my proactive and efficient nursing skills in caring for individuals who are in need of competent healthcare”

“Having 5 years of working experience as a certified nursing assistant, seeking an opportunity to put my positive strengths and abilities to good use in caring of the individuals who are in need of an empathetic and skilled caregiver”

Skills and Qualifications

In this section, you should state both acquired and learned skills as well as your natural talents and personalities. If you have received any special certificates or awards like voluntary certification or program awards then you must incorporate the information in here. If you have special skills like good at multiple languages or capable of lifting 100 pounds weight then including them could be helpful for the job.


In this area of the resume, you should include all the details on your educational background. You should list out all the schools where you studied and the educational degree or certification that you received after completion. If you have completed additional course like computer courses or any other programs in the hope of furthering your qualification as a CNA then you must include them as well.

Work Experience

Having an employment history in the related file can give you a plus point. However if you have a large number of jobs in the past, then you should not include all of them in your resume because it will make your resume too lengthy and no one will want to read it. On the other hand, employers often look for a stable and reliable employment history of the applicants. A stable work history shows the loyalty and character of an applicant. It is also important not to mention the work history that is not associated with the profession.

Volunteer work

A volunteer work shows the honesty and caring personality of an individual. In addition to this, volunteering also helps to advance the nursing skills of an individual. Therefore mentioning related volunteer work that you are currently in or have participated before in the resume can give you a plus point.


References are people who can verify your skills and knowledge. They can either be from your personal life like friends and neighbors who can vouch for your character or people that you have worked with. But keep in mind to list out the references from only those jobs where you felt that you really did a great job. Before putting them as a reference in your resume, it is important to contact them for permission first. You should also give them the details of the job you are applying for so that they can think about their answers in case the employers contact them. While listing references, you must put down their full name, contact information and the relationship between you and the person.

The cover letter

Another important part of the resume is to have a perfect cover letter. The cover letter must be written specific to the job you are applying for. Through the letter you should try to get attention of the person mentioned in the ad or the human resources department. You must try to make the employer believe that you are the best person for the job. In order to stand out you must mention the skills and qualifications that you have for this particular job and why you would be the suitable candidate. In the letter you must include your contact information.

When printing out the resume and cover letter, it gives a professional edge if you stick to plain quality paper rather than the cutesy themed paper. Be sure to attach your academic qualifications, received certificates and other required documents along with your resume. It is better to create a resume package to set yourself apart from the pack and get top priority.

Although there is a high demand for nursing assistant in the medical field, only those with right knowledge and skills can make up for it. It is equally important to make an employer aware of your qualifications and skills in order to get the job. That is where a well written resume comes in handy.

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