Some Necessary Tips and Advices on How to Become a Good CNA

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It is relatively easy to be a CNA but can be so exhausting and tiring job after you become a CNA. It is not a joke to take care of several sick, old people each with distinctive personality and disability. That is why you are required to be certified by the state. When you are new it is natural to be nervous or a little uncomfortable. Therefore, don’t take it too hard on you in your initial days as there is always a lot to learn and when time passes by you will be a seasoned professional. For few days, it is recommended you to read the care plans and know the problems of the patients. Always learn and think how to become a good CNA. It will help you to take care of each of your patients carefully and safely. If you don’t understand you can always go to nurses and ask them as they write the care plans.

Additionally, you will be mentored by someone in your days of newbie. It is good to note down everything when someone is mentoring you so that you can look to it whenever required. Never hesitate to ask questions if you don’t understand anything since your mentor is experienced and you can always learn more. Always watch carefully how your seniors and mentor works because you can learn from what you see. Before you start your day, ask your nurse about what you are expected to do today.  It is always better to know things way before rather than just before you start your work as you can plan your work when you know it hours ago. Never forget to do your paperwork daily and know where you need to document all your works. Communication is vital in your field so keep communicating with nurses and your seniors.  You will get used to with your work in few weeks and figure out how to prioritize your work and patients.  As said earlier plan your work for the day, prioritize your help, so that you can help the one who are in more need of your care. A very good time management skill could be carrying all your utilities before you enter the room. Some things you could carry are some extra gloves, measurement tapes, Permanent markers, thermometer, a B/P kit, some elastic hair bands, and a watch.

Some tips to become a good CNA are listed below:

  •   Take down notes if necessary and be familiar with the care plan, patient preferences and much more when your managers or your seniors commence during the start of your day.
  •   Take your assignment sheet and be certain with the condition of each patient by learning their diagnosis, activities, meals etc since each of them have a different case and might need different type of care.
  •   Prioritize your patients give attentions on the needy ones first
  •   Prepare your basket with the things you might need to take care of the patients like blankets, towels, gloves, sheets, gowns etc
  •   Now you start your care and if help needed call for your associates or your seniors
  •   Communication skill is the must as you need to deal with several people, patients daily.
  •   Being flexible could be a good thing as there could be an emergency during any point of the day.

You, being a CNA will see people at their most helpless situations and you are taught to deal with them in such conditions. In this vulnerable situation most people will tend to be angry, irritable, or depressed and you must stay calm enough and comfort them. You already know before you join to be a CNA that the work you do won’t be a pleasant one so be mentally prepared for it.

Traits and qualities of a good CNA


  •   It is important for CNAs to be trustworthy since they have access to all the medical records which contains all personal as well as health details.
  •   CNAs must be flexible since they have to perform varieties of duties and do whatever job that comes on their way.
  •   Communication skill is a very important trait a CNA must have since they have to report to nurses, talk to patients and give information related to patients to their relatives.
  •   Physical fitness is also a vital quality for a CNA since they have to move the equipments. They may also have to lift the patients. They are so much exposed to the illness so they must be in a very good health.
  •   A very good positive attitude that sees the glass as half full rather than half empty.

It is advisable for you to bring a notebook to work and note down everything which you might think could be useful so that you can look to it when necessary. You can also note down questions you need to ask when no one is around so that you can ask it to the nurse or your seniors. It is also a smart thing to carry a waist pouch with you so that you can put your items in it and carry it without hassle. Make sure that you have everything you might need before entering the patient’s room. Always be clear and to the point when you document your work. Document your work as soon as you finish it rather than waiting for your shift to end. One thing you should never do is sign for others. Just sign on what your work.


Overall, being a CNA may not be a glamorous job but gives you an immense satisfaction when you see the happiness in the patients you took care off. You are so much exposed to illness so that you are susceptible to get sick. Therefore, take care of yourself. Eat right and drink a lot of water. It is a good thing to do some physical exercise daily as you need to be physically and mentally strong. Take your time and lift people and things carefully and properly. Take good enough sleep. Never disclose the identification and health conditions of your patients to others. Trust is must when you are a CNA.

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