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The CNA aspirants of the Atlanta city don’t have to wander here and there in pursuit of a state approved CNA training program. After all, being the capital city of the Georgia state, Atlanta is fortunate enough to host a great number of nursing schools, among which the Covenant CNA School is heralded as the best gateway for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Features of Covenant School: Discover the appeals of this CNA training program!

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Now, if you have made the wise decision of enrolling yourself in the Covenant School, then it’s time you get enlightened about the features of the Covenant’s CNA training program.

1. Cost of the Covenant School’s Nursing Assistant Program:

Covenant CNA SchoolYou might be thinking that if the Covenant’s nursing assistant program is of high quality, then its education charge must also be high. Well, this might be true for some nursing schools but the Covenant CNA School, as the name itself tells, exists only to recruit highly skilled CNA candidates and, therefore, it only charges $600 for its CNA training classes, be it a regular or weekend program.

However, aside from this $600 program cost, the Covenant School also charges additional fee for the CPR training, CNA license exam and first aid training. And, of course, you will also have to bear some expenses during the time of your enrollment for things like uniform, books, application, background check and physical test (especially for the skin tuberculosis disease).

So, combining both the actual program cost and the additional CNA education fee, the Covenant School, in total, charges its ambitious CNA students a mere sum of $900, which, to tell you the truth, is not that costly if considered its high quality CNA coursework.

2. Versatile Program Schedules: Regular & Weekend CNA Classes! 

Just being a high quality CNA training program is not enough for the CNA aspirants of these days, owing to their tendency for doing job and study at the same time. So, in order to accommodate students of varied needs and to discourage them from applying to the online CNA courses, the Covenant School has made the provision of running not only regular CNA training classes but also weekend CNA training classes.

# About the Regular CNA Training Program Coursework of Covenant School:–

The regular CNA program offered by the Covenant School will make you explore both the theoretical and clinical portion of the CNA coursework on a regular basis i.e. from Monday to Friday. And, by the way, both the theoretical and clinical internship classes would be of 5 hours long.

During the course of this regular CNA program, the students will get to attend lecture-plus-lab-practice classes with experienced instructors as well as the clinical training classes at a long-term care facility.

Regular CNA Program Class Schedules:–

The Covenant School offers the interested applicants the alternative to choose between a day-time regular CNA coursework and an evening-time regular CNA coursework, the timetables of which are as follows:–

  • Day-time Regular CNA program (Monday to Friday):–Students who choose to apply for the day-time CNA training program can expect to attend their 5 hours long classes from 10 am to 3 pm.
  • Evening-time regular CNA Program (Monday to Friday):–Like the daytime training classes, the Covenant’s regular evening classes also lasts for 5 hours each day, starting from 5pm to 10 pm.

Note:–Both the day and evening classes of the regular CNA program has the length of 4 weeks, which means that you will be able to graduate from the Covenant School within a month.

# About the Weekend CNA Training Program Coursework of the Covenant School:–

In case, your busy life does not let you attend the regular CNA program coursework, then the Covenant’s weekend CNA classes should be of great interest to you. After all, the students of this weekend CNA program have to attend classes only on Saturday, which means that, besides taking the CNA training classes, you would also be able to continue your job without any inconvenience.

However, you should know that Covenant’s weekend CNA program has the schooling period of 10 weeks and that, every Saturday, you will have to personally attend a 7 & half hours long CNA training classes, starting from 9:30am and ending at 5pm.

3. State Approved CNA Training Coursework With 100% Passing Rates in CNA Licensing Exam!

No matter what program schedule you choose to apply at, be assured that you will get to experience high quality CNA training classes in Covenant School. After all, the Covenant school’s nursing assistant program has been graced with the accreditation from the Georgia’s nursing board.

On the other hand, you may even like to know that upon the completion of this state approved CNA training coursework, you will be honored with the Certificate in Nursing Assistant, possessing which will grant you the eligibility to participate in Georgia’s CNA competency exam.

Also, the Covenant is proud to advertize the fact that the graduates of their CNA program rarely fail the state licensing exam. In fact, Covenant CNA School is reputed to have the passing rate of almost 100%.

4. Recognized As One of Georgia’s Regional CNA Testing Site!

Well, the Covenant School has not only managed to bag the accreditation from the state for its high quality CNA training program but also has been fortunate enough to be approved as one of Georgia’s Regional Testing Sites, which means that, upon graduation from this Covenant’s CNA program, you would be able to sit for your CNA licensing exam in the premises of the Covenant School itself.

Note:–The state CNA licensing exam, which is also dubbed as the nurse aide competency exam, is administered by the entity called Pearson Vue.

5. Other Important Details Regarding the CNA Training Coursework of the Covenant School:–

To tell you the truth, almost every reputed CNA schools in Georgia do provide good CNA training programs with all educational requirements. Now, what makes the CNA program of the Covenant School more appealing is the fact that this particular nursing school, with the aim to yield skilled and competent nurse assistants, also makes their CNA students attend both the CPR (i.e. cardio pulmonary resuscitation) training and the First Aid training.

The CNA lecture classes and laboratory practice can, indeed, be completed in the very premises of the Covenant School. However, students would be required to attend their clinical training at Atlanta’s Premier Long-term Care medical facilities.

Likewise, the Covenant School also has the wonderful facility of assigning advance clinical rotations in Atlanta’s Premier Hospitals.

And, of course, during the near end of this program, the Covenant CNA School provides the CNA Course Review, which, for your information, is designed to make their ambitious students thoroughly prepared for challenging the state licensing exam.

Contact Details:–

  • Address:–1 Baltimore Pl. Nw. Suite 401, Atlanta, GA-30308
  • Online Address:–
  • Phone No.:–404-733-5491

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