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Well, not everything in this money-conscious world can be taken for free of cost but if you want to take the CNA training for shaping up a bright career in the nursing field, then you will, to your own surprise, discover that there are hundreds of free CNA certification programs, which are not only offered by the CNA schools and colleges but also issued by the healthcare institutions like the nursing homes, hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Why Are the Free CNA Programs Given For Free Of Cost?

Since human beings, by birth, are of curious nature, you will naturally be anxious to know about the reason behind the free CNA programs being that free. So, to satiate your curiosity, let me inform you that the Certified Nursing Assistants, albeit just an entry-level nurse, are an indispensable part of the healthcare industries.

And, if the hospitals, nursing homes and other such industries have failed to recruit enough number of nursing assistants, then it would, indeed, be very difficult to provide quality health care services to the ever-increasing number of patients.

Hence, in order to avoid the shortages of the CNAs and other senior level nurses, every state has made the provision of providing grants and other donations to their nursing schools, with the objective that these funds collected from the government and other private sources would encourage the CNA training schools to provide scholarships and other such financial aids to the poor but ambitious students who desire to shape up their career in the nursing field.

# Tips For Getting Free CNA Training Through The Nursing Schools & Colleges!

1. Apply For Scholarships Or Other Financial Aids:–

Not every CNA schools offer CNA classes for free but almost all of them do have the facility of providing scholarship as well as other financial aids to the dedicated-but-budget-tight CNA applicants.

So, applying for the scholarships might be your best chance of getting free but quality CNA training through the nursing schools, which have the reputation of providing state approved CNA education.

2. Contact Your Nursing Board To Find Out About Free CNA Programs Of Your State:–

In order to discover which nursing schools of your state have the provision of running free CNA certification classes, you ought to take the trouble of paying a visit to your state’s nursing board since it is the best place of finding accurate and reliable information regarding the free CNA programs available in your locality or nearby regions.

3. Surf The Net For Finding Free Online CNA Certification Classes:–

Thanks to the advancement of the online learning, you have now at your disposal the choice to get your CNA certification online since most of the nursing schools, besides running regular CNA programs in a class-based environment, also have made their CNA programs available for online learning. Now, the point of importance is that most of the online CNA courses don’t charge any money at all.

Free CNA Certification Programs Issued by the Hospitals and Nursing Homes!

Like many people, you may also have this notion that the CNA training classes are provided only by the nursing schools and colleges. If so, then its time you get enlightened about the fact that, aside from the CNA school, the healthcare industries like the nursing homes and the hospitals do also have the wonderful provision of running CNA training programs.

In fact, the CNA programs issued by these healthcare industries are reckoned to be of higher quality than that provided by the CNA schools, owing to the fact that the aspiring CNA students of the hospitals programs would get to receive their training in real life clinical settings.

During the whole course of such CNA programs, the students would get to familiarize themselves with the clinical settings of the hospitals and nursing homes, interacting with real patients and getting trained under the supervision of senior nurses like Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).

Don’t Pay But Rather Get Paid For Applying to CNA Training Programs Of the Hospitals & Nursing Homes!

I bet you will be surprised to learn that the CNA programs offered by the hospital and other such clinical settings, rather than charging you some amount of money for their CNA programs, instead pay you for taking their CNA trainings. Isn’t that wonderful? You not only get to save your money but also get to earn money for free!

However, you should note that these paid CNA training programs, as they are rightly called, are not as free as you may think. Yes, my friend, these paid CNA programs issued by the hospitals and nursing homes do demand payment for their CNA training classes. But, the good news is that this so called payment is not demanded in the form of money.

After all, if these CNA programs charged money, then the whole point of these free CNA programs being free and the advertisements regarding its cost-free nature would have been just a scam, which is not good for the image of the hospitals and such healthcare industries.

Now, you might be wondering what type of payment would be charged by the hospitals in exchange for their free but high quality CNA training.  If so, then let me inform you that the payment will be done, not in money, but in the form of service.

By the word “service”, I mean to say that you, upon getting licensed as a CNA, will have to work for a certain period of time (usually for 6 months to as much as 1 whole year) in the clinical facility of your benefactor’s healthcare organization i.e. from where you had first received your CNA training.

Note:– Before you apply to any paid CNA training programs offered by the hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices, you need to inquire them about how much you would get paid and for how long do you have to work in their clinical facility.

How to discover which healthcare industries are currently issuing Free/Paid CNA training classes?

Like I said before, your state’s nursing board is the best source for finding out about the free CNA schools. However, if you don’t feel like contacting the nursing board, then the other popular way of discovering about paid CNA programs is through the newspapers since the hospitals and nursing homes, fearing the shortage of nursing personnel in their healthcare facility, have built up this tradition of issuing advertisement of their free-of-cost CNA certification programs. So, from now onwards, you had better develop the good habit of reading local newspapers on a regular basis.

But, if you don’t like inspecting the newspapers or waiting for a potential advertisement to come by, then note that you also have the choice to either surf the net or pay a personal visit to the hospitals and healthcare facilities of your locality and inquire the staffs then and there about whether their healthcare facility has the provision of running free or paid CNA training programs.

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