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In the state of Georgia, the Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) get to enjoy a prospective nursing career with a salary earning ranging from $31,000 to over $40000 per annum. So, if you also wish to pursue the career of a CNA, then, like your predecessors, you are also expected to get yourself enrolled in one of the state approved CNA schools in Georgia.

Versatile CNA Programs:–3 Best Choices Available for Becoming a CNA in Georgia State!

Healthcare/Nursing Schools in Georgia:

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1. Nursing Schools, Colleges and Universities:–

CNA Schools in GeorgiaIn order to prevent any shortages of nurse practitioners, the state of Georgia plays host to over 450 vocational nursing schools, technical colleges and universities, which have the provision of running not only certificate and degree programs but also offers accelerated ADN to BSN programs i.e. Associate’s degree in Nursing  to Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Nursing.

In addition to the nursing schools, CNA training programs are also offered by the hospitals, nursing homes and other such healthcare facilities of the Georgia state.

Now, one of the most reputed nursing schools, regarding the CNA training, in the state of Georgia is the Covenant CNA School. A brief introduction to the Covenant CNA School is as follows.

# Covenant CNA School:–

The Covenant CNA School, which has been favored with the accreditation from the state for its quality CNA training program, is certainly the best enrollment choice for the CNA aspirants of the Atlanta city.

Why Should you Choose to Enroll in the Covenant CNA School?

The very fact that this reputed Georgia School has bagged accreditation from the state should make you understand that, if you enroll in this school, you will not only get to experience an intensive quality CNA training program but also get the eligibility to participate in the state CNA licensing exam right after your graduation.

And, by the way, students who have enrolled in the Covenant CNA School need not worry about how and where they would have to take their CNA licensing exam owing to the fact that this nursing school has also been approved as one of the Georgia CNA Licensing Exam sites.

Contact Details:–

  • Address:–1 Baltimore PL NW Suite 401, Atlanta, GA-30308
  • Online Address:–
  • Phone No.:–404-733-5491

Note:–Aside from the Covenant CNA School, the capital city of the Georgia State (i.e. the Atlanta city) also plays host to the New Beginning CNA Training (INC), which  has indeed proved to be the beginning point of a majority of Georgia CNA professionals. So, if you aiming to become a CNA in Atlanta, then you may choose to enroll at this reputed nursing school.

2. Georgia Red Cross CNA Certification Programs:–

Needless to say, the American Red Cross is a world-renown healthcare institution, whose sole existence is for the purpose of promoting human welfare and for providing medical assistance to the victims of war, conflict and natural calamities.

Aside from providing various humanitarian services, the American Red Cross also has the provision of running CNA training programs. These CNA programs, which were started for preventing the shortage of nursing personnel in the healthcare field, are issued through some select few Red Cross Chapters located across the US as in the state of Georgia.

# Red Cross Chapters that provide CNA training programs in Georgia:–

  • Southwest Georgia (in Albany, Georgia)
  • Northeast Georgia (in Gainesville, Georgia)
  • Coosa Valley (in Rome, Georgia)

Why Should You Choose to Enroll in the Red Cross CNA certification program?

Since becoming licensed is the ultimate desire of each and every CNA aspirants, let me inform you about the fact that the students of the Red Cross CNA programs do, of course, gain the eligibility to sit in the State CNA licensing exam right after their graduation.

Let me tell you a secret–Graduating through the Red Cross CNA program would open the door to an abundance of job opportunities, which means that you won’t have to face any inconvenience in getting yourself hired. What’s more, even the healthcare facility that has employed you would be proud enough to boast the fact about hiring a Red Cross CNA in their organization.

If you seek to gain a prospective career in the nursing field, then getting enrolled in the Red Cross CNA program should be your top priority. After all, the Red Cross CNA programs are not only of excellent quality but also have significantly lower education fees as compared to other CNA schools in their particular area.

3. Online CNA Schools in Georgia:–

If, owing to job or other family responsibilities, you find it difficult to squeeze yourself in the program schedule offered by other CNA schools in Georgia, then you will be glad to learn that Georgia also hosts a number of CNA certification online schools, among which the St. Augustine is a reputed one. This online CNA school has its abode in the capital city of Georgia i.e. Atlanta.

Why Should you Choose to Enroll in the Online Nursing Assistant Program?

Well, online CNA courses are meant for those people, who don’t have time to attend the regular CNA classes personally. So, if you also put yourself in the category of busy people, then enrolling in the online CNA training program like that of the St. Augustine Nurse Assistant School might be your best alternative for becoming a CNA in the state of Georgia.

The major attraction of the online CNA programs is their flexible study schedule, which lets the ambitious CNA aspirants to attend the CNA training in a time schedule that is suitable to their needs.

What’s more, some online CNA programs like the St. Augustine also has the wonderful provision of offering its students self-paced CNA certification program, the access to the training classes of which will be available online all 24 hours.

Mind you, the students of the CNA certification online program only get to complete the theoretical portion of the nursing coursework entirely online but when it comes about clinical training, they are expected to get it by personally attending the clinical internship at a local hospital or nursing home. By the way, the St. Augustine is the only online school that has this wonderful technology or facility of offering the clinical training to its students through a virtual clinical lab.

Note:–When applying for the online CNA courses, make sure to enroll in only those online programs which advertizes about the fact that they provide state-demanded CNA training coursework. By this, I mean to say that the online CNA program should provide full 85 credit hours of CNA training so that you, after your graduation, would be able to challenge the Georgia CNA Certification.

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  1. Hi! Im a CNA in milwaukee Wisconsin last 2009 but i moved back here in my country (PHILIPPINES) but im planning to go back in USA this year and my husband is in Atlanta Georgia right now…Can i take online classes for CNA while im still here in Philippines then ill just do my clinical training when i get there…plan to do online class so i wont waste my time here. thanks and God bless!

    Grace liddell

  2. i was trained as a cna under the american red cross but after becoming a private sitter i did not know that i could have kept my certification it expired so now they tell methat i now have to retake the whole cna class again and i think that the online would work best for me

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