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When compared to other regions of the Illinois State, the Chicago city has been found to provide the most prospective career to the CNAs or, rather say, the Certified Nursing Assistants. In fact, the Chicago city offers a handsome salary figure of around $31000 per year to its CNAs. Now, if you truly believe that the title of a CNA would suit upon your head and that the nursing career is the perfect one for you, then it’s time you learn about the best CNA schools in Chicago city.

The CNA aspirants of the Chicago city don’t even have to experience any inconvenience while searching for a good CNA program. After all, the Chicago city, besides being the largest city of the Illinois State, is also fortunate to play host to dozens of nursing schools, from where the CNA-wannabes would be able to get quality CNA education and, thus, earn their graduate degree i.e. the Certification in Nursing Assistant.

# Get Acquainted with the Appealing Features of the 3 Best CNA Schools in Chicago City!

Healthcare/Nursing Schools in Chicago, IL:

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CNA schools in Chicago

Well, it’s a general knowledge that Chicago, besides the business and IT schools, also houses a number of allied healthcare schools like the surgical tech schools, radiology technician schools and nurse assistant schools. And, the good news for the CNA aspirants is that among the 50 or so advanced medical schools of the Chicago city, over 30 CNA schools have been graced with the accreditation from the state’s Nursing Board i.e. the Illinois Department of Public Health.

So, be sure to ascertain that a particular CNA school has been approved by the IDPH, before you enroll in it. Otherwise, you may not be eligible to challenge the Illinois CNA licensing exam upon your graduation and, along with that, your dreams of enjoying a smooth nursing career would also shatter. That’s why every Chicago CNA aspirants are expected to complete their training through an IDPH accredited CNA program as mentioned below.

1. Samland Institute of Allied Health & Technology

For your information, the Samland Institute, which resides in the Montrose Avenue, is one of the top destinations for the CNA-wannabes of the Chicago city due to the fact that this reputed medical assistant school has been favored with the accreditation from the Illinois Department of Public Health i.e. IDPH.

Why Should You Choose to Enroll in the Samland Institute?

Since this school’s nursing assistant program has been approved by the IDPH, you can be confident about getting the eligibility, upon your graduation, for sitting in the Illinois CNA licensing exam.

As demanded by the CNA licensure provision of the Illinois State, the Samland nursing school provides full 120 credit hours of CNA training to its students. In other words, the students of this nurse assistant program will have to go through 80 hours long theoretical classes (involving laboratory works, after the completion of which they will have to attend a 40 hours long clinical internship.

The nursing coursework offered by the Samland institute can be completed in 5 or 8 weeks according to the program schedule you have chose to enroll in.

Like the aforementioned appealing features, the education charge of this nursing program is also appealing too i.e. just about $600.

Contact Details:–

  • Address:–4320 W, Montrose Avenue, Chicago, IL-60641
  • Online Address:–
  • Phone No.:–773-283-0440

2. Harold Washington College

The Harold Washington is another highly reputed nursing school of the Chicago city, where the CNA aspirants can expect to receive quality training that has been graced with the accreditation from the Illinois Department of Public Health. For your information, the Harold Washington College resides in the Lake Street of the Chicago city.

Why Should You Choose to Enroll in the Harold Washington College?

Having been approved by the IDPH, the Harold College grants its ambitious CNA graduates the eligibility to sit in the Illinois state certification exam without any inconvenience.

Every accredited CNA program does provide a quality nursing coursework to their students. Now, the difference is that in addition to providing a quality nursing assistant program, the Harold College also has the wonderful provision of giving its students CPR i.e. cardiopulmonary resuscitation training too (which not every CNA program provides).

In order to accommodate CNA aspirants of various needs, the Harold College provides its students the choice to decide whether they would feel suitable to attend the daytime CNA training classes or rather the evening time training classes.

The CNA coursework of the Harold Washington College is just about 13 weeks long. This means that students of this CNA program need only spend 3 months for graduating with the Certificate in Nursing Assistant, after which they would be qualified to challenge the Illinois CNA Certification.

Like the Samland Institute, the Harold College also charges about $600 as the education fee for their CNA training program.

Contact Details:–

  • Address:–30 E. Lake Street, Chicago, IL-60606
  • Online Address:–
  • Phone No.:–312-553-5660

3. Northwestern Institute of Health & Technology

Another reputed name that is hard to avoid, when speaking of the best CNA schools in Chicago, is the Northwestern Institute of the Health and Technology (in short, NIHT). If you care to shape up your career as a CNA, then you may choose to enroll in the Northwestern Institute, whose nursing assistant program has been approved by the state’s nursing board.

Why Should You Choose to Enroll in the Northwestern Institute?

Thanks to the accreditation from the Illinois Department of Public Health, the graduates of the Northwestern Institute are bestowed with the eligibility to participate in the state CNA licensing exam.

Ambitious students, who enroll in this state approved CNA program, would get to explore 120 credit hours of intensive CNA training classes, after the completion of which they would be honored with the Certificate in Nursing Assistant.

In order to provide quality training to its CNA students, the Northwestern Institute’s CNA coursework is designed to last for a semester i.e. just a mere 6 months.

Since the schooling period of this CNA program is quite double than the above mentioned CNA programs, it is not surprising to find the education cost of this state approved CNA training program to be $1200.

Contact Details:–

  • Address:–4641 N. Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL-60640
  • Online
  • Phone No.:–773-506-2136

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