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Before you dig below to learn about the best CNA schools in California, let me enlighten you with the bitter truth that, in most parts of the US, the profession of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), albeit a rewarding career, does not pay much. In fact, the majority of CNAs have a yearly income of about $18000 to $24000 only. This modest salary figure is, however, not true in the state of California since CNAs working here get to enjoy a prospective career with an average salary earnings of around $32000 per annum. So, if you are also interested to pursue the profession of a CNA in California, then make no delay in getting enrolled at a state approved CNA program.

Get Acquainted With the Appealing Features of the 3 Best CNA Schools of California:–

Healthcare/Nursing Schools in California:

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CNA Schools in CaliforniaNow, you might be aware that the federal laws regarding the CNA licensing requirements demand the CNA applicants to complete only 75 credit hours of CNA training. However, in the state of California, the CNA candidates are expected to complete full 160 credit hours of CNA training, which, for your information, can be easily attained if you enroll in a CNA school that has received the accreditation from your state’s nursing board i.e. the California Department of Public Health.

Mentioned below are some of the best CNA schools that the California state is proud of.  But, in case, you find these CNA schools not suitable for your access, then don’t forget that there are many more nursing schools, colleges and universities in California (like the American Career College in Orange County and the University of Phoenix in Bay Area), which not only offer state approved CNA certification programs but also have the provision of running versatile nursing courses like ADN to BSN nursing degree programs.

With the help of these advanced nursing programs, you would be able to transform yourself from a modest-salary-earning CNA to high-salary-earning nursing posts like that of LPN i.e. Licensed Practical Nurse (requires Associate’s Degree) or RN i.e. Registered Nurse (requires BS in Nursing Degree).

1. City College of San Francisco

If you a CNA aspirant in the San Francisco city, then you should consider yourself lucky since your city does not only provide a lucrative career to the CNAs but also host one of the best CNA schools in California State i.e. the City College of San Francisco (in short, CCSF).

Note:–California CNAs do get to enjoy the average earnings of about $32000 per annum but the salary of the CNAs residing in the San Francisco is even much better i.e. $37000, and this is just the average salary figure; San Francisco’s CNAs can earn more.

Why Should You Choose to Enroll in the City College of San Francisco (CCSF)?

Owing to the fact that the CCSF has been favored with the accreditation from the California Department of Health Services, the graduates of the CCSF’s nursing assistant program would be welcomed to participate in the California CNA certification exam.

Aside from the Certificate of Nursing Assistant, the graduates of this accredited CNA program would also be able to get their hands on the Certificate of Home Health Aides. What’s more, this program also makes it students qualified to work in the acute health care settings and even awards them with the Acute Care Aide Certificate.

Combining the theoretical teachings and the clinical internship, the CCSF’s intensive CNA training program takes about 18 months for completion.

Contact Details:–

  • Address:–50 Phelan Avenue, San Francisco, CA-94112
  • Online Address:–
  • Phone No.:–415-239-3000

2. American River College

Being the capital city of the California State, Sacramento is fortunate to play host to dozen of nursing schools, among which the American River College is acclaimed as the best destination for the CNA aspirants of the Sacramento city.

Why Should You Choose to Enroll in the American River College?

The graduates of the American River College’s CNA program need not have to suffer any inconvenience for participating in the California’s nurse aide competency exam since this reputed nursing school’s CNA program has been graced with the accreditation from the state nursing board.

The American River College aims to make its CNA students competent and skilled for upholding the nursing responsibilities in the long-term patient care facilities, due to which its nursing coursework, which is about 198 credit hours long, exceeds the CNA education demands of the state.

As a side note, let me also inform you that from among these 198 credit hours, only 63 credit hours would be devoted to the theoretical teachings whereas the remaining 135 credit hours would be spend in accumulating practical nursing skills in the local hospitals or other such clinical settings.

Students, who have enrolled in the American River College’s CNA training program, would get to explore an intensive nursing coursework, the completion of which will make them competent on administering emergency procedures and checking vital signs. In addition, the students would also accumulate knowledge on the body mechanics, infection control, patients’ rights and nutrition.

Contact Details:–

  • Address:–4700 College Oak Dr., Sacramento, CA-95841
  • Online Address:–
  • Phone No.:–916-484-8254

3. Allan Hancock College

When speaking of the best CNA schools in California, it would be shame not to mention the name of the Allan Hancock College, which, for your information resides in the Santa Maria region.

Why Should You Choose to Enroll in the Allan Hancock College?

Like the above mentioned CNA schools, the Allan Hancock College also grants its CNA graduates the much-desired eligibility to participate in the nurse competency exam. In other words, this reputed nursing school’s quality CNA training program has also managed to earn the accreditation from California’s nursing board.

Aside from the CNA program, the Allan Hancock College also offers its CNA graduates the chance to pursue additional CNA credentials such as the Home Health Aide Certification and the Restorative Aide Certification.

Now, to speak of its schooling period, this CNA program is of 16 units long and will, therefore, require a full semester (i.e. 6 months) for completion.

Besides the state accreditation, another appealing feature of Allan College’s CNA program is its flexible program schedule, thanks to which the CNA aspirant who choose to enroll in this nursing school would get to decide whether they prefer to participate in daytime or evening time CNA training classes.

By the way, if you enroll in this CNA program, you can expect to attend 8 hours of clinical training twice a week. And, besides these 2 days of full clinical training classes, you will also have to attend about 2 to 4 hours of theoretical teachings twice a week.

Contact Details:–

  • Address:–800 S. College Dr., Santa Maria, CA 93454
  • Online Address:–
  • Phone No.:–805-922-6966

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