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Frankly speaking, the career of the Certified Nursing Assistant, in short CNA, is acclaimed as the first choice or, rather say, the steppingstone for a majority of ambitious people, who desire to accumulate fame and reputation as a nurse practitioner. So, if you too wish to enter the nursing profession in the state of Arizona, then you should make it a top priority to first get yourself enrolled in one of the accredited CNA schools in Arizona.

As a side note, let me enlighten you with the fact that the state nursing board of the Arizona State expects the CNA candidates to graduate from a CNA school completing at least 120 credit hours long CNA clinical and theoretical training. Therefore, whichever CNA program you seek to train in should fulfill this requirement; otherwise, you would not be welcomed to challenge the Arizona CNA certification examination.

# Want to Become a CNA? If so, then get acquainted with the 3 Best CNA Schools of the Arizona State:–

Healthcare/Nursing Schools in Arizona:

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CNA Schools in ArizonaNow, for your information, the state of Arizona not only accommodates over 50 accredited CNA schools, colleges and universities but also plays host to about a dozen hospitals and patient care facilities like the Banner Medical Centers (at Mesa, Glendale and Phoenix cities), Mountain View Care Centre (at Tucson city), S. Arizona Veterans Adm. Medical Center (also at Tucson city) and Life Care Centers (at Glendale and Phoenix cities), which also have this wonderful provision of offering state approved CNA training programs.

If you are interested to learn what CNA programs are currently approved by the state of Arizona, then you should pay a visit at the official site of the Arizona Nursing Board i.e.

1. MedStar Academy

For your information, the MedStar Academy, which resides in the Peoria region of the Arizona State, is a reputed name that comes forth whenever there is discussion about the best CNA schools in Arizona.

Why should you choose to enroll in the CNA certification program offered by the MedStar Academy?

The ultimate desire of any CNA aspirants is to get eligibility for sitting in the CNA state certification exam. Well, the MedStar Academy does fulfill this expectation of its CNA students, owing to the fact that it has been favored with the accreditation from the state of Arizona.

The MedStar Academy is, indeed, a five star CNA school, which has not only managed to bag accreditation from the state for its CNA program but also has been bestowed with the great honor of being one of the Arizona’s CNA Licensing Exam sites. Thus, the CNA students, who have enrolled at the MedStar Academy, can expect to sit for the CNA state certification exam in the premises of their own school right after the graduation.

Due to the provision of the flexible CNA program schedule, the students who wish to enroll at this MedStar academy would be given the alternative to decide whether they want to participate in the daytime CNA classes or the evening-time CNA classes. Also, there is a weekend CNA training program to accommodate the so called busy people having jobs or other family responsibilities.

The other appeal of this MedStar’s CNA program is its “one fee” feature, according to which the students who enroll in this CNA program would be charged just one sum of money that will suffice for all the educational fees required throughout the CNA schooling period. You will not be asked to pay for the licensing exam fee as well.

In addition to the general CNA training coursework, the MedStar Academy also has the facility to provide CPR training to its aspiring students. The charge for this additional skill training would be included in the “one fee”.

Contact Details:–

  • Address of MedStar Academy:–Copper Sky P. Plaza, 8282 W. Cactus Road, Ste. E-144, Peoria, AZ-85381
  • Online Address:–
  • Phone No.:–623-773-9000

2. Gateway Community College

The Gateway Community College, which resides in the capital city of the Arizona State i.e. the Phoenix city, is indeed the most desired gateway for the aspiring clinical medical assistants. By this, I mean to emphasize the fact that this school has the record of recruiting the highest number of CNAs than any other CNA schools in Arizona.

So, if you are also an inhabitant of the Phoenix city, then you should follow the footsteps of your predecessors by enrolling in the state approved CNA certification program provided by the Gateway Community College.

Why should you choose to enroll in the CNA certification program offered by the Gateway Community College?

Having been favored with the accreditation from the state, the Gateway Community College grants its graduates the eligibility to participate in the CNA licensing exam.

In order to accommodate all types of nurse aspirants having various family responsibilities and needs, this reputed nursing school has the wonderful provision of offering its students the alternative to choose between fulltime & part-time CNA training classes.

Upon completion of this 1 semester long CNA coursework, the graduates would be awarded with the Certificate of Completion.

Contact Details:–

  • Address:–108 North 40th St, Phoenix, AZ-85034
  • Online Address:–
  • Phone No.:–602-286-8000

3. PIMA Medical Institute

Graced with the accreditation from the state, the PIMA Medical Institute also offers a quality CNA training program to the applicants, who seek to have a prospective nursing career in the state of Arizona.

Note:–Right now, only 2 satellite campuses (i.e. in Mesa and in East Valley) of the PIMA Medical Institute have managed to bag the accreditation from the Arizona Nursing Board for their CNA certification program. Therefore, if you are interested to participate in the CNA training program of the PIMA Institute, then it is recommended for you to enroll at either the Mesa-based PIMA campus or the East Valley-based PIMA campus.

Why should you choose to enroll in the CNA certification program offered by the PIMA Medical Institute?

Since both of the Mesa-based campus and the East Valley-based offer state approved CNA training classes, eligibility for sitting in the state licensing exam is guaranteed to the students.

The students of this CNA program, which has the schooling period lasting for just about 5 to 6 weeks, will be honored with the Certificate of Completion on their graduation ceremony. Possessing this CNA graduate degree will make the students eligible to challenge the Arizona licensing exam.

During the course of this quality CNA program, students would be taken through classes regarding the subject matters such as medical terminology, patient care, infection control and emergency procedures. In addition to the theoretical nursing coursework, the CNA students would also get to attend clinical externship lasting 40 credit hours.

Contact Details:–

  • Address (Mesa Campus):– 957 S. Dobson Road, Mesa, AZ 85202
  • Address (East Valley Campus):– 2160 S. Power Road, Mesa, AZ 85209
  • Online Address:– |
  • Phone No.:–480-644-0267

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