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CNA, due to its good job possibility and short and easy training, is coming up as one of the most popular career. CNA schools have been increasing day by day throughout the country because of high demands of the students. Since there are a large number of these schools it is very important for the students to differentiate the good schools from the bad ones. Therefore, many things should be taken into considerations when you choose the right school. Check the credibility of the school; ask questions about the cost, the quality of teachers before you select it. Visit the school before you decide, so that you can see the environment around your school. Some CNA schools may not provide the healthy and clean environment for study which might be distracting on your study.

Pros and cons of online and on campus CNA classes

There are basically two ways of getting CNA education i.e. traditional on school and distance learning. Traditional on-campus classes are generally more expensive than the online CNA classes. They might cost you thousands more dollars than the online classes. It’s expensive since you need to manage for student housing, meals, and many other unseen costs associated to the campus. You have to pay only for tuition and course materials while you take online classes therefore it is much cheaper. Online CNA schools offer you an easier way to complete your course on your own pace and schedule. Despite many students following the traditional way of completing CNA, the trend to take online CNA classes is rising gradually. There are many advantages of taking online CNA classes. These are quite a way different from the conventional way of education but if you are self motivated, and can study with a nominal instruction then this might be the good option for you. Again, when you have a job to attain this becomes the best choice for you.

How to choose online CNA classes?

Online CNA schools also do come in different types as the traditional ones. Some of them may be popular while some of the schools may go unheard. Not being popular don’t make them bad the choices though. Some of the popular colleges for online CNA classes are Kaplan, Baker, and American School of Nursing. It is sensible to be in popular and top colleges because they are built to meet all the criteria set by the state and national government for accreditation. The federal nursing assistant regulation demands you to attend 50 full credits of theoretical class and around 100 credit hours of clinical training. So, it is strongly suggested you to look for the colleges which guarantees you to provide a full clinical training as well in order to get you the license to practice. Conversely, you may also want to take CNA classes in those online schools which facilitate you with job placements. To your knowledge, with the internship or on-job training you will be able earn some money while you gain the required amount of CNA credit hours essential to complete your study.

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Tips for choosing accredited CNA schools:

At the moment, all sorts of health professional are in high demand because of increasing health issues or improved awareness of people towards their health. Hence it is nice to make a career as a CNA and while you do so it is best for you to be in accredited CNA schools. These schools help you to make your dream of working as a CNA come true. Below are some key points for you to remember when you choose an accredited CNA school.

  1. Find out if the school is accredited by the State Nursing Assistant Board or by National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission.
  2. Study and explore the details of the school and compare the syllabus and course contents with different schools.
  3. Never choose a school just by the ratings or the rankings.
  4. Make sure that the teachers are qualified and have a good management team.
  5. Be certain of the fee structures before you make your decision since some colleges charge you with unseen fees.
  6. Visit the college personally before choosing a college rather than just by visiting the websites since many of the websites are not updated on time.

Once again, it is beneficial to be in an accredited CNA school because they meet the terms set by the state and national Nursing boards. You can only sit in the CNA certification exams if you complete the classes from those recognized schools. They also provide you quality education and aren’t much expensive. It may sometimes get tough to find the right CNA School but if you are really interested to make a career out of CNA this article will help you find the right recognized school.

We have listed some very good schools below for you to start with:-

City College of San Francisco:

It is located in San Francisco, California. It is one of the most reputed colleges for producing accomplished CNAs. In this college, you can complete the CNA course in four months which definitely is not a long time and is accredited by California State Department of Health services. So you are eligible of taking the State CNA certificate test without any hassle after completing the 18 weeks course in this college.

American River College:

American River College is another reputed college which offers recognized CNA course. It is also located in California. Since it provides accepted CNA course you are entitled to sit in the state certification test after you graduate from this program. After you complete CNA program from this school you will acquire all the necessary skills to qualify for the entry level jobs in any kind of healthcare amenities.

Salt Lake Community College:

Here is one more college with a reputation of producing highly qualified CNAs. It is situated in the Salt Lake City, Utah. The CNA degree program in this school is accredited by the State of Utah. The CNA program in SLCC has a very good set of courses dealing with the subjects like physiology, human relations, anatomy, medical terminologies, bacteriology, and body mechanics. This college has a provision of co-operative externship which certainly is a good thing for you.

Looking for some Free CNA schools?

Many health facilities like senior care homes and assisted living offer CNA training for free because of their high demands of CNAs. Some of this health centers may advertize CNA course in websites and newspapers in the Help Wanted section. There are certain criteria before they accept you for this course. You must be older than 18 with a high school diploma or GED and bear no criminal record. Being fluent always helps in your cause. You are anticipated to spend 120 hours in classes and clinical training once you are accepted. Once completed, you sit in the state certification test and when you pass you are required to work certain amount of hours in the same health facilities for studying without tuition fees.

In the end, whether you are looking for on-campus or online CNA course or free CNA course try to explore all possible information you can get and choose the best option viable for you.  We strongly recommend you do visit the school personally before you choose the school because everything such as qualified teachers, study environment, management team, course content matters when you are in school. Shortly speaking, feel the school before you make up your mind.

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