CNA Insurance:–2 Insurance Policies Every CNA Must Have!

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Although the healthcare practitioners are compared as the agents of god by the gratified patients, they are still human, and being human means that they too are susceptible to commit mistakes, become disease-infected, get into unforeseen accidents and other such things which may cost them their job or, even worse, their life. This is the reason why you as a Certified Nursing Assistant, should pay careful attention to the CNA insurance policies that you are entitled to enjoy when working at a certain healthcare facility.

# Significance of CNA Insurance Policies: Why Should You Care For Insurance?

At the time of getting employed, you, as a CNA, would receive an offer letter, pertaining to the salary, allowances, insurance and other benefits  that you would get to enjoy during the course of your job in that particular healthcare industry. While the value of your salary and allowances are conspicuous in your daily life, the benefit of your insurance policies will be visible only when the insured item (e.g. your health) gets damaged.

Now you may not think it a grave necessity to apply for insurance policies but remember that accidents do happen and the patients, who wish to make some quick money, may be looking for faults in your work. And, ignoring the insurance policies would then leave you stranded and alone to cope with the resultant effects of the unjustified lawsuits or your unintentional mistakes.

For instance, one of the deceitful or unsatisfied patients in your charge may sue you for certain reasons or, even worse, your own company may make you the scapegoat for certain damages. If one of these awful things happen (mind you, they have happened to other CNAs), then either you would be in a jail or bankrupted.

Hence, to deal with these might-happen-in-future circumstances, a CNA ought to apply for the specific insurance policies, and thus be assured that, when the time comes, the perils of their insured accidents or misfortunes would be dealt by the insurance company.

# What Insurance Policies Does A CNA Must Apply For?

Applying for the insurance policies, in other words, is like buying a peace of mind. But, if you are not confident about what insurance policies might serve you better, then, in this situation, you would do better to seek an insurance agent’s help, who, upon inspecting your job setting, would recommend you the insurance policies of essence.

CNA Health Insurance:–How is it Important!

The profession of a CNA is eternally fraught with the peril of being infected by the patients’ diseases or infections, owing to the fact that they have to  uphold the job responsibility of administering basic nursing care, which, as you know, encompasses bathing, feeding, dressing and grooming the patients.

Considering the job duties that you have to bear as a CNA, there is a high probability that you would also be victimized by the patient’s infections. And, in this condition, the health insurance would play a vital role in covering all your medical expenses.

This way, you would not have to spend a single penny for your treatment. As a side note, let me inform you that almost every healthcare industry when hiring the CNAs also grants them this health insurance.

CNA Liability Insurance:–How is it important!

The company which hires you may often offer the health insurance. But, when you have to face a lawsuit regarding alleged malpractice, then this company-granted health insurance might not be of any help at all if you are found guilty. What you need is a liability insurance that can protect you from malpractice charges.

In other words, the CNA liability insurance is designed to cover the expenses or rather say the fine that is charged from the CNAs when they have to face lawsuits are found guilty for the death, injury or other health disorders of the patients.

# Most Common Situations That Can Lead To Lawsuit Against the CNAs:–

Most CNAs tend to be satisfied with whatever insurance policies that the company has granted them. After all, purchasing the CNA liability insurance policy would require some money and, with their modest salary earnings (i.e. from around $25,000 to as much as $40,000 per annum), it’s natural for the CNAs to think that such additional expenses are not of necessity and that they would try to do their jobs as perfectly as they can so that no lawsuits would be charged against them.

But, if you dig below, then you will discover that, despite your best efforts, some accidents might happen and you would be sued by the affected patients; only then would you discover that insurance policies are worth their price.

1. CNA Job Duty:–As a CNA, you would be burdened with the job responsibility of taking the disable patients from their hospital bed to toilet or various medical departments like emergency room and x-ray room.

Unintentional Accident:–During one such situation, when you are assisting your patient to reach certain medical division, an unintentional accident may occur on the way, resulting in the patient’s injury.

2. CNA Job Duty:–If the patients are not able to take liquid orally, then as a CNA, you would be charged with the responsibility to attach the drips (i.e. medical equipment used for releasing the liquid into the bloodstream) to the patient.

Unintentional Accident:–When the drip attached to patient’s hand is left unchecked, then, after some time, the area around the drip may turn blue and even lead to some major health complications in the patient.

If any of the abovementioned accidents happen to the patient in charge of you, then the injured patient has the right to sue you, as the result of which not only you will have to face a lawsuit but may also get fired from your job, in the name of causing bad reputation to your company.

While purchasing certain insurance policy, you should ascertain that that policy would help you out from all the possible bad circumstances, which may occur during your line of work.

Let me also enlighten you with the fact that the insurance costs tend to vary from one insurance company to another. But, it is recommended for you to purchase insurance policies only through the best insurance companies that have the reputation of being trustworthy and that who could provide full insurance coverage to versatile needs of the customers. At present the best insurance companies goes with the name of CNA insurance Company Limited, not to mention that Acadia Insurance has also a reputable image thanks to its appealing feature of providing one-time payment service.

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