CNA Duties: Roles and Responsibilities of a CNA

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Certified nursing assistant (CNA) is often regarded as a start of medical career. After completing program to be nursing assistant from a CNA school  and obtaining a license, start of your career would seek a lot of patience for working. You will be working as under the direct supervision of either a registered nurse or a doctor. Your working shift may start at any time, depending upon the need of medical facility you are associated with. As you get experienced, you would have a lot of advancement opportunities and a secure career. This career would help you to go for career options like licensed practical nurses (LPN), and even would help you to go for BSN to become a registered nurse.

Being a CNA employed either in nursing home or hospital, you have to perform a lot of duties in a working day. You have to assist your patients in their regular daily activities like dressing, bathing, toileting and relocating. You may also help them to get some light exercises and having their breakfast. Your day reporting work starts checking and keeping the record of vital signs of patients. Vital sign include blood pressure, blood sugar level, body temperature and even their dietary requirements and you should be reporting to the nurse in charge. During day hours, you need to help your patients for lunch and helping them in other necessary activities.

CNA Duties
CNA Duties

Besides physical care to patients you also need to provide psychological care to patients. Being a nursing assistant you should be very conversant to patients which help them to kill their boredom lying at bed. You should have good communication skills while having conversation with patients. The emotional support and courteous conversation help patients to develop their positive attitudes which in turn support for their soon recovery.

During emergencies, role of nursing assistant is considered very important. They need to control the chaotic situation and assist the medical team in overall emergency management. In some cases you may also need to provide CPR to patients.

Career as a nursing assistant is highly demanding one. You have to be prepared to handle any kind of stress that may encounter you at any hour of you work day. Being a CNA, you need to have a lot of patience for working with helpless people however this career is regarded as a highly rewarding career. The words of gratitude you receive from patients would be worth of something priceless.

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