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In this money-conscious world, rather than pursuing advance degree education in the nursing or other career fields, the high school students, instead, have developed this tendency to seek for jobs or employment right after their graduation. And, as a result of this job-seeking tradition, a majority of the people who had wanted to become a Certified Nursing Assistant found it difficult to manage time for both the job and education. But now, thanks to the CNA certification online programs, it is possible for the so called busy people to enter in the medical field with the title of the CNA on their head.

Beware:–The Online CNA Certification Programs Won’t Be Completely Online!

CNA Certification OnlineOwing to the fact that the profession of a CNA is all about providing clinical care to the patients, it is absolutely necessary for the aspiring CNA students to spend ample time in the clinical settings, from where they would be able to get supervised clinical hands-on skill training that will finally enlighten them about what the profession of a CNA really is!

Now, although the online CNA certification program may provide you with the facility to complete the theoretical portion of the CNA coursework thoroughly online, it is not possible for you to complete your CNA clinical training through online means. You would personally have to attend the clinical internship at a local hospital or such patient care settings in order to receive your clinical training.

Like the CNA clinical internship, the CNA certification exam, which is also referred to as the Nurse Aide Competency Exam, also requires your personal approach for completion.

How to Become a CNA? Discover The 3 Steps Necessary For Getting Your CNA Certification Online:–

1st Step:–Search for a good online CNA certification program & get enrolled!

Every CNA aspirants naturally find themselves getting enrolled in a good CNA program to receive their nursing training. Well, your path to becoming a CNA also starts from here i.e. getting enrolled in a CNA school.

However, since you are aiming to receive your CNA training though an online program, it is best recommended for you to enroll yourself in only those online CNA courses, which proudly advertizes about the fact that they have received accreditation from the state for their quality CNA program.

Enroll in an online CNA program approved by your state’s nursing board! 

If you are wondering why the heck it is essential to receive your CNA training through an accredited program, then, let me enlighten you with the fact that the accredited CNA programs have this wonderful feature of granting their students the eligibility to challenge the CNA state licensing exam, right after their graduation.

On the other hand, if you had unfortunately graduated from a CNA school, which has not been favored with your state’s accreditation, then you would not be welcomed to sit in the CNA licensing exam.

How to figure out whether a particular online CNA program is good for enrollment?

While searching for the online CNA programs, make sure to keep your eyes on their program detail regarding accreditation agency. In case, a particular CNA online program has received accreditation from the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (in short, NNAAP), then you have found the “green signal” for getting enrolled in that program.

However, if you, despite your best efforts, could not get your hands on an accredited online CNA course, then the other best alternative available for you is to apply for those CNA online programs that guarantees full hours of clinical internship as demanded by your state’s CNA licensure provision. And, of course, you may also graduate from those online CNA programs that feature the job placement facility to its students.

2nd Step:–Complete the training coursework issued by the online CNA program!

After getting enrolled in a good online CNA program, your next job is to dedicate yourself to its CNA training coursework, which, to speak on theoretical basis, encompass the subject matters like medical terminology, infection control, anatomy, physiology, patient-care techniques and communication skills.

Once you have finished the theoretical portion of the CNA training coursework, then you would be expected to complete your clinical internship at a local hospital or doctor’s office. As a side note, let me inform you that during your clinical internship period, you will be bestowed with the opportunity to make yourself familiarized with the hospital settings and also get to discover what the profession of a CNA really is.

Now, if you have completed both the theoretical and clinical classes, then your online program would honor you with the Certification in Nursing Assistant.

# Caution:–When getting your CNA training through an online program, it is highly essential for you to keep in touch with your instructors of the online CNA program that you have applied for. In fact, a regular interaction between you and your instructor is highly recommended.

# How long does it take to graduate from an online CNA course?

Like most other regular CNA programs offered by the nursing schools, colleges and universities, the online CNA programs do also have the schooling period lasting just around 6 to 8 weeks.

Yet, some good CNA online programs would have the provision of making the students attend the clinical internship for a couple of months. So, in essence, you can expect to get your CNA training program completed in around 18 weeks i.e. just about a mere 4 months of your life.

However, if you have applied for a self-paced online CNA course, then it would be in your power to decide the time of your graduation. You are at the liberty to complete the self-paced online program in a self-paced manner.

# What are the wonderful features of the online CNA programs?

Needles to say, the online CNA programs give you the benefit of completing the theoretical portion of the CNA coursework according to a schedule that you feel suitable to. So, if you believe that you can’t afford time for attending the regular class-based CNA program, then taking on line classes is the perfect way for you to become a CNA.

And, in addition to this flexible program schedule, the students of the online CNA programs would also get to have their theoretical lecture classes complied with clinical skills practice through video tutorials and web content, which, for your information, can be repeated again and again until you get the hang of it.

Also, it would be a shame if I don’t mention the fact that the online CNA programs are much cheaper when compared to the regular CNA programs provided by the nursing schools.

3rd Step:–Participate in the CNA certification exam of your state to become a Licensed CNA!

Just passing an online CNA training program does not give you the liberty to practice the profession of a CNA in any state but earning the CNA license does give you this liberty. So, the National Nurse Aide Competency Exam, also dubbed as the CNA licensing exam, is the final hurdle in the pathway to become a CNA.

Once you pass this state licensing exam, then you would be officially acclaimed as a Certified Nursing Assistant, the job opportunities for whom is found in abundance in the nursing homes, hospitals and such other healthcare centers.

How to get qualified for challenging the CNA licensing exam of your state?

Acquiring the Certification in Nursing Assistant, which marks your graduation from a CNA training program, would, no doubt, make you qualified to challenge the state’s CNA certification/licensing exam. However, please note that your state’s CNA licensing authority would welcome you to sit for the CNA certification exam only if you can show that you have completed the required credit hours of theoretical and clinical training.

As a side note, let me inform you that, currently, the federal laws regarding the CNA education states that any CNA aspirants would have to complete at least 75 credit hours of CNA training in order to challenge the state licensing exam. In addition, almost all states also have this tendency to formulate their own provisions regarding the CNA education.

How to register for and sit in the CNA licensing exam?

As a tradition, the manager of your CNA program, be it online or class-based, would do the kindness of completing the registration process on your behalf. Your only duty is to attend the licensing exam and, of course, to pass it.

But, in case, the CNA certification online program, in which you have enrolled at, does not register you for the state licensing exam, then you are naturally expected to perform the exam registration process yourself and, thus, receive the schedule mentioning the date, place & time of your CNA licensing exam.

By the way, you would be glad to learn that each and every state has this wonderful CNA retest policy, which lets the CNA candidates to take retests in case of failure in the CNA licensing exam on their first try. So, thanks to this CNA retest provision, even if your first attempt in the certification exam is not a success, you would still get a second chance to challenge the CNA licensing exam and, thus, show your potentiality of becoming a good nurse practitioner.

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