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Naturally, when you have to cope with a busy life, the online CNA courses would seem to you the ideal pathway for pursuing the career of a Certified Nursing Assistant. However, it would not be considered wise if you get yourself enrolled in an online CNA program without getting informed about the following crucial features of the online CNA schools (pros and cons). If, upon learning the good and bad features of the online CNA programs, you still feel that the online learning is much better than attending the CNA training through the regular CNA schools, then you have our good lucks for becoming a prospective CNA.

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#Cons of Online CNA Schools With Tips For Eliminating the Drawbacks Presented by Them:–

As a common notion, you will be expecting to first learn about the pros of the online CNA schools but, instead, we would like you to get enlightened about the cons, or rather say bad features of the online CNA programs. After all, good news can wait!

1. Getting Hired In A High-Paying Industry Might Be A Little Difficult (But Not Impossible)!

Online CNA Schools (Pros and Cons)For most employers, it does not matter whether you are a competent and skilled CNA or not; what matters most for them is the fact that you have graduated from an online CNA program, and this particular fact is not taken so lightly, especially by those employers of the reputed healthcare industries (where you could get a decent salary).

In fact, you will find that the employers are a bit hesitant when hiring such CNAs, who have just recently completed their training through online CNA programs. And, in case, there are other CNAs, who have graduated from the regular CNA schools, competing for the same job post, then you certainly have no chance of being hired at all.

And, if you are fortunate enough to get hired, then, beware; you may have to satisfy yourself with a modest salary figure, which will be comparatively lower than the starting salary of other CNAs, who have graduated through the traditional CNA schools.

Tips on How to Become a CNA With High Employment Opportunities:–

Like any other CNAs, you may also have this desire to work in the reputed and high-paying healthcare industries. If so, then you will first have to accumulate a couple of year’s job experience through working at some nursing homes or hospitals. Mind you, the more job experience you have, the more job opportunities there will be!

And, of course, you can also boost up your chances for being hired just by applying to additional CNA trainings such as the CPR training and the First Aid training.

2. No Guarantee of Getting Full Clinical Training Credit Hours!

For your information, the online CNA programs are, in truth, just hybrid programs, which facilitates the CNA wannabes to take online classes only for completing the theoretical portion of the nursing coursework; the clinical portion, which is actually the most valued part of the CNA training, is required to be completed in-person at some clinical settings like hospitals or nursing homes.

As per the tradition, your online CNA program will help assign clinical internship to you at a patient care facility in your locality. But, in case, your program manager fails to manage clinical internship for you, then all the time and money that you have spent on this online CNA program would have been worthless.

Facts to Consider:–How to Choose An Online CNA Program?

In order to be eligible for the CNA license, the federal nursing assistant regulation demands the CNA wannabes to attend full 50 credit hours of theoretical teachings (which can be easily attained through the online CNA programs) and about 100 credit hours of clinical training (which can be hard to attain through the online CNA programs). So, it is recommended for you to enroll in only that online CNA school, which guarantees to provide full clinical training as required by your state CNA licensure provision.

Is it possible to achieve full CNA clinical training credit hours through online CNA programs?

Of course, it is but only if you have made the wise decision of enrolling at one of the reputed online CNA schools of your state. After all, your state’s online CNA programs will naturally be designed to meet all the CNA licensing requirements of your state.

On the other hand, you may also enroll in those online CNA training schools that advertizes the facility of providing job placement to their CNA students.  Mind you, with the on-the-job clinical training, you will not only be able to earn the required amount of CNA clinical credit hours but also get to earn some money, which would not have been possible if you had attended clinical internships.

3. Limited Interaction With Online CNA Instructors!

Although every online CNA programs demand the students to have regular interaction with their online CNA instructors, it is not quite possible to do so, owing to the fact that these online programs are asynchronous.

By the term “asynchronous”, I mean to say that these online CNA programs don’t demand the students to be present online at the same time when their CNA instructors are online and vice versa. All the lecture classes as well as practical skills training would be uploaded online in the form of video tutorials, which the students would be able to access at a time of their suitability.

Due to this asynchronous nature of the online CNA courses, student-instructor interaction is not quite possible, as a result of which the instructors would not be able to personally teach or train the students and point out their mistakes during practical skills training.

How to get quality CNA teaching through online programs?

Well, in order to receive quality CNA education through the online classes, you will probably have to ask your instructor and fix a regular study schedule, which is convenient for both you and your online CNA instructor. This way, you will be able to interact with your instructor properly and thus get your queries clarified.

Additionally, you should know that every online CNA programs have a discussion forum, which bestows you the facility to interact with other online students of that program. You may also post questions concerning your nursing coursework in this online forum but don’t expect to get full clarification to your queries.

# Pros Of the Online CNA schools| Reasons For Getting Your CNA Certification Online:–

Now that you have digested the cons of the online CNA programs and also learned the tips on how to remove the drawbacks presented by the online CNA programs, its time you get enlightened about the pros or, rater say, the appealing features of the online CNA training, which will refuel your desire to enroll in online CNA schools. Nevertheless, upon learning the details of the online CNA schools (pros and cons), you are at the liberty to decide whether online learning is suitable for you or not.

1. Study Whenever You Like & Wherever You Like!

As mentioned earlier, the online CNA programs are designed especially to provide CNA education to the so called busy people, who (even if they want to) can’t attend the regular CNA training programs in the medical schools and colleges.

Now, the most appealing feature of the online CNA programs is their flexible study schedule, the provision of which lets the CNA aspirants explore the theoretical portion of the CNA coursework at a time and place that they feel suitable to. Yes, my friend, you can attend the online CNA classes from your own home or from any place you like. All you need is just a computer with an internet connection and then you will be able to go through the online CNA coursework at your leisure period.

By the way, you may like to know that some CNA online schools, like the St. Augustine Nursing Assistant School (one of the top online CNA courses), have this wonderful provision of running self-paced CNA classes, which, as the name itself tells, lets you the power to complete your CNA training in a self-paced manner.

2. Save Money And Earn Money!

For your information, the online CNA programs are considerably much cheaper than the traditional class-based CNA programs offered by the nursing schools and community colleges. This is one of the main reasons why he budget-tight people prefer to get their CNA training through online programs.

The CNA aspirants who decide to enroll in the CNA schools online will not only get to save money but also get to earn money too (i.e. if they choose to do a job).  After all, due to the flexible online CNA class schedule, you will have the choice to get hired for a part-time job or even a full-time job.

3. Updated CNA Teachings With Access to Many Video Tutorials Regarding CNA Training!

The internet is a vast platform, which accommodates all the latest information on everything, including the nursing assistant education. This means that with the enrollment in the online CNA programs, you will be able to get your hands on the up-to-date information regarding the CNA coursework.

Also, since these online programs provide the theoretical as well as some practical CNA classes through the aid of their web content and video tutorials, you will be able to explore each and every CNA coursework module through the video tutorials again and again until you get the hang of it.

Now, upon learning the above mentioned details of the online CNA schools (pros and cons), you would surely have come to a conclusion about whether or not you should get your CNA certification online.

CNA schools overview. Their time frame, course of study and cost

1.Certified Nursing Assistant Classes Overview

Normally the CNA certification program can be completed within six months. CNA programs are available at every state. Although the program length may vary by few weeks, almost all the CNA certification program includes the same subject matter. The local hospitals, some private health care center, Red Cross and different technical institutions throughout United States offer CNA certification program to the students. You can also find free CNA certification programs but after the completion of these programs you have to work for them for a specific period of time. The students can take the training program online or through on campus training. The on campus training programs provide morning class, day class, evening as well as night classes. The students can take either of the class that is appropriate to them.

2.CNA certification program Cost

Depending on where you choose to take your course or the type of course, the cost for the CNA certification program may vary. Your local hospitals, private healthcare centers, nursing homes and community colleges are the places to look for the CNA certification program. The American Red Cross is another best place to look for an affordable CNA certification program. Some hospitals and healthcare center may provide free CNA certification program but after graduation from these programs, you might have to work for them for a definite period of time. The national average cost for the completion of the program and receive the certification is between $400 and $900. The online based CNA certification programs are relatively cheaper and can be completed around $500. After completion of the program, the graduates must take the national certification exam to work as a certified nursing assistant in hospitals and other healthcare center.

3.Certified Nursing Assistant Courses Overview

The CNA certification program course includes subject matter related to the job as well as oral and written communication skills and basic nursing care techniques. The course covers areas such as human anatomy and physiology, basic nursing and personal care skills, mental health and social service needs, patient’s rights and privacy and care of cognitively impaired residents. The students are provided with every skills and techniques related to patient care and safety. The program will prepare students to be proficient in technical skills, such as taking vital signs, tracking patient’s progress through charts and performing emergency procedures. The program focuses on complex legal, social and ethical issues regarding the professional to provide prolonged care to the patient. The students develop good bedside manner and learn patient’s rights, resident care and rehabilitation through interpersonal communication practice and knowledge.

Since the program needs hands on practice, a clinical internship is included in the program. The students will get real life experience and can advance their skills under the supervision of a registered nurse. They will perform minor medical procedure and will learn more about patient care and safety. Most certified nursing assistant courses acts as a doorway for acceptance into licensed vocational nurse (LVN) and registered nurse (RN) programs.

Why online CNA schools?

The online CNA school is specially designed for those who have family and job responsibilities. The online CNA classes have the same teachings and lessons like in a campus based CNA program, the only difference is the online lectures in place of the real lectures. The program enables the students to learn the theoretical component of the program from their own home. However they have to attain the clinical internship program. Since in the CNA profession practical knowledge is really important, the students must attend the onsite trainings held at the classes or associated health care center.

The online program saves your money and valuable time. The students do not need to cancel their working time or any important meetings or should pay for any day care services. You become free to plan your own schedule. You can always carry on another work with the online classes. Since the student can take the classes from their own house, it saves the transportation expenses. Furthermore the online based CNA certification program is relatively cheaper. Since you have to manage your own learning schedule, the effectiveness of the program solely depends on you. This makes you independent and confident.

Selecting the right CNA certification program

Selecting a CNA program from many options available can be overwhelming. CNA programs are available at every state. But locating the right course involves patience and research.

The first thing to look into the program is whether the program is accredited or not. The accreditation process will show that the program meets the national standards for health education policy.

Another thing to look into the program is its length. The program should provide enough time to learn the skills and techniques. The program should focus on the clinical component of the course. In CNA profession, the practical knowledge really counts.

The next thing to look into the CNA program is the teaching staffs and the courses offered. The teacher must be a registered nurse or a licensed medical professional. The program must include all the courses determined by the national health education board. The program should provide all the necessary skills and knowledge related to this field. The program should provide enough clinical hours to the students so that they can gain more real life experience and can advance their skills.

Another thing to look into the program is the flexibility and affordability it provides. The program must provide different options when selecting the classes such as morning class, day class, evening class and even night classes. The program should be affordable. It should not have any hidden charges. It often happens many times that after joining the programs, students are asked to pay additional amount as lab charges or other hidden charges. If you are currently working then night classes or online classes could be the perfect option for you.

It is better to make small notes for every program that you think is good. And when you are finished searching the programs, compare those notes and select the best one among them. You should investigate the programs past results and the feedback from previous students. Internet is a good place to look for the information. There you will be able to find everything about the program. In different forums you will get feedbacks from previous students about the program.

It might be difficult and time consuming to select the right CNA program but believe me; the hard work really pays off. A CNA graduated from the right institution will have a comfortable starting salary. She/he will get top priority when finding employment over other applicants. So then all the best for choosing the right CNA schools that meets all the above mentioned criteria.


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